Why you should choose Connect Pay, a service by Banco Rendimento:

  1. 5th largest foreign exchange group in Brazil
    The Rendimento Group, the owner of Banco Rendimento, is the 5th largest foreign exchange group in Brazil, featuring over 20 years of experience in the market.
  2. US$ 14 billion are traded per year, totaling 300,000 operations.
  3. Commercial Bank duly authorized and supervised by the Central Bank of Brazil.
  4. Largest issuer of prepaid cards in Brazil; more than 2 million Visa and MasterCard® cards issued.
  5. The group features over 1400 employees and more than 60 branches.
  6. Fitch Ratings Investment grade BBB+.
  7. Guarantee against foreign exchange variations on sales via bank payment slip (boleto). The only solution of the Brazilian market.

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