Hub Connect Pay

How about receiving all of your payments in Brazil through a single solution? Check out the Connect Pay Hub, a financial service that allows your company to centralize all payments into one account for transfer to your overseas account.


  • Optimize your time;
  • Best benefit-cost ratio;
  • All payments are deposited in your account;
  • You can include the payment agents you wish;
  • No setup or system integration required;
  • Complete connection between payments in Brazil and transfers to overseas.

More flexibility and agility in your operation

The Connect Pay Hub is a financial service offered by Banco Rendimento that allows your company to work with many payment agents as well as gateways and collection companies.

How it works


Accessing the Connect Pay Hub is very simple:

  1. Open a non-resident account at Banco Rendimento
  2. Inform Banco Rendimento how you receive your payments
  3. Provide your payment agents with your account number at Banco Rendimento
  4. Ready! Now you can transfer payments to your overseas account

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