Get to know Connect Pay

BrazilConnect Pay is a Brazilian online payment service. It is used by e-business websites across the world to operate hassle-free on the Brazilian consumer market, to perform transactions and to receive their sales revenues. Transactions are made in U.S. dollars and the conversion is made at the time of the transfer in up to seven different types of currencies, at the best benefit-cost ratio of the market.

Account opening and currency exchange operations are simple and fully automated; exchange rates are guaranteed, which allows you to focus on what really matters: spending more time on expanding your business.

Offer simple payments methods, such as debit cards, credit cards and the “boleto bancário” [bank payment slip]. Receive your revenues in a fast and safe way, and connect to the Brazilian market and more than 42 million online consumers!

Best Benefit-Cost Ratio

Connect Pay transfers your sales revenues to your company at the best exchange rates. Once the deal has been closed, you are protected against exchange fluctuations.

Since Connect Pay is a product of Banco Rendiemnto, your business will be taken care by a financial institution with more than 20 years expertise on the foreign exchange market, which assures your compliance with the rules and legislation of the Brazilian Central bank. Therefore also complying with the local tax regulation. This product facilitates your entry into the Brazilian market connecting you directly to your potential buyers through a reliable and secure operation especially customized to your needs.

A new payment method

Widely used in Brazil, the “boleto bancário” [bank payment slip] is a very simple and secure payment method. If your customer chooses that payment method, he receives a receipt with all the information and the amount due of his online purchase. He then uses that data to settle his bill at a bank branch, at an ATM, or via Internet Banking.

The financial institution that collects the amount acknowledges its receipt and Banco Rendimento, upon receiving its payment confirmation, transfers the amount to your company free of chargeback risks.